~“What’s the Point?”~

“Sound Of The Beep” (or “SOTB”) doesn’t look like much when you view it as a web site.

But if you follow it and read your Tumblr dashboard, then SOTB will show you time and date stamps every 15 minutes, giving you useful context for when things were posted.

If you want to be able to remember when you left off, “heart” a SOTB post, and then next time you read your Dashboard, keep going until you find the SOTB post you had previously hearted. Then simply “un-heart” it and start over again.

~“Oh, I get it! Now what?”~

Now you just have to decide which time zone you want to follow.

There are seven different Tumblrs, each for a different time zone:

Pick the one that best suits your needs, follow it, and realize how much nicer it is to know when things were published.

~“Who made this? And why?”~

SoundOfTheBeep is a free service from TJ because he wanted something like it for himself.

September 12, 2012 at 8:00am

8:00 am MST (Wed, 09/12)